Dealing with Changes in Life, The Parable of the Robin’s Nest

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“Wise hope and wise action ask that you accept and see a situation clearly for what it is, and then, with the hopeful attitude necessary, say, Well, this is what is happening now, so I will focus on what I can control, try not to obsess over what I can’t, and do the best I can. I’ve faced other challenges and other seasons of doubt and despair, and I’ve come out the other side.”
― Brad Stulberg, Master of Change: How to Excel When Everything Is Changing – Including You

In my life right now, there are a lot of things that are changing and evolving. This change has caused me to think more about how a change in our lives is one true constant. I am grateful for God’s many lessons that have prepared us for significant life changes. Every season gives way to change; Autumn brings colorful leaves, Winter brings pure white landscapes, Spring brings a new rebirth of life, and Summer gives us warmth and longer days. Change is eternal, and we are here to learn how to cope with it.

As Spring sprung around our house, we had some new house guests move in for a brief stay. Our home is situated near a large lake providing a large bird habitat. Apparently, there was not enough habitat available, so they decided to build a nest directly on our porch light. We had a couple of robins busily building a nest for a couple of months. Upon completing this nest, we had a robin that would spook us every time we approached the front door. We opted to use the garage door more to enter our home.

On May 9, we spotted at least four bright blue robin eggs when we finally peaked into the nest with a camera while momma robin was away. These eggs were well cared for. The robins would come and go but never too far as they would stay perched on the roof or the tree across the yard. They were keenly aware of the nest. We made sure not to disturb it in any way.

Well, after a week of this, the robins stopped spending time on the nest and would only come and visit with worms. We noticed that this was because the babies had hatched. Of the four eggs, there were at least three hatched and were poking their beaks out of the nest, searching for food.

It only took the span of seemingly a few days before they fattened up. On Friday, May 24, they were clamoring over each other and fattened up. One stood up on the top of the nest and peered out into the world.

The following day, when I checked the nest, it was empty. The robins are no longer around.

On Friday, our son graduated high school. This is the second graduate that we have had. It has been an emotional month for our family. In a couple of months, he leaves on a plane to head to the Philippines for two years to serve a mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. This is a bittersweet moment in our household as we prepare to send him off from our nest.

Our oldest is in college, but she has chosen to stay living at home, so we have not experienced one flying the coup yet. However, with three drivers in our house and only one young enough to be around, it often feels quite a bit quieter. We are adjusting to this lack of busyness around our home. It has been a change for us for sure.

As I look at this robin nest, I see a lot of lessons. I see how short time can be for other parents. This robin only had her babies home for a couple of weeks before they parted. It was from May 9 until 25, from eggs to an empty nest. At least I have had 18+ years.

This is an exciting sign from God, showing us that change is inevitable. It is in nature and will always happen. We are not exempt from it. Now, we need to learn to adjust to it. The parable of the robin’s nest is a witness to me of God’s love for us as well as the power and rapidity of change in our mortal journey.

Certainly, life has changed from having young kids. That crew that was 11, 9, 7, and 3 when we went on our first long road trip together is now all mature, growing individuals. We have come a long way in a seemingly short amount of time. Time flies by. It seems like it was only a short time ago that they were running around in diapers and needing us to do everything for them. However, all of the sudden they are independent, thinking and acting freely, and experiencing life in a whole new way.

I am grateful for the power of change. Too often, we resist it because of fear. I have feared how my children would do out in the real world. I have feared how I would do without them. I have feared how, as a couple, we would adjust without having them be the center of our lives. I have had a lot to think about with all of these changes taking place.
In some aspects, I love change. I thrive on it. However, this changing moment of life has been different. It is a bit harder, but I am grateful for the ways that God has helped ease my pain and fears.

I cannot imagine how Sariah felt as she had to deal with so much change all at once. She had to leave her home. She hadn’t had the same visions that her husband had. She had to let her four boys, her only children, go back to face a serious challenge in getting the brass plates from Laban. She had to deal with the fear of not knowing and wait before they returned to the tent of their father. It is no wonder that she voiced her concerns and frustrations to Lehi. (See 1 Nephi 3-5)

Learning to cope with change is not easy. We want to be in control of everything that happens to us and around us but that is never the case. A lot will happen to us but it is learning to act and not be acted upon that allows us to see life in a better way. The robins had to deal with the change of their young leaving the nest. It was fast. With all that change happening, they leaned into it. They supported it. They warmed the eggs, they fed the babies, and they let them go when it was time. We need to do the same.

I am grateful for the pillar that the gospel is in my life and how that helps me not only cope with change but to embrace it. Our progression is about change. It is about going from one sphere to another. It is about stepping into the unknown and acting in faith. It is about covenanting to give all that we have when we don’t feel like we can give anything else.

Trusting in the Lord can be challenging. Committing our children to Him is not always easy. This is why so many of these moments require faith. I am grateful for the faith that I do have. I am grateful that I can trust them to Him. I am thankful for the many years and extraordinary experiences that we have had together that have shaped and prepared them to face the world and be able to fly out of our nests more ready to face what is ahead.

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