Twenty-Four Hours in Chicago

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Chicago is one of my favorite cities. This is the best skyline in the United States. With lights, rivers, lakefront, pathways, cycling, art, history, and so much more, this is a gem of a city. We love coming to Chicago. This is our second trip here as a family and my fifth or sixth trip here. We rolled in late into the evening with some clouds rolling over the city. We headed out for the waterfront for an evening on the lake and to take in the fireworks. We picked up some Giordano’s deep dish and hung out on the lakefront.

After driving around downtown and enjoying the lights, we stayed the night in a truck staging area at McCormick Place. It was like $50 for the night to park our van in a secure area and have access to restrooms just south of downtown and really close to Soldier Stadium. Certainly one of the more unique places that we have parked the van for the night.

In the morning we toured around the lakefront. We visited Millennium Park, went to the Field Museum, rented bikes for riding the lakefront pathway, got ourselves wet at the splash pads, walked the Miracle Mile, road the L, and visited the house that Jordan built. Another fun visit to the Windy City!

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