Superior Video Shoot

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The team capturing sound bites from Nick.

The team capturing sound bites from Nick.

The past of couple of days were a blast. We brought out elite ultra runner, Nick Clark, to feature the new Altra Superior 2 trail running shoe. This is the lightest trail running shoe that we have built to date. It features much better traction than the original version and has an improved and lighter upper. We also hired a team of amazing videographers Kevin Winzeler, Joel Wolpert and Matt Hardy, to shoot this and our other two product videos. This was a lot of fun working with this great team!

We wanted to feature this shoe on the mountain that it was named after, but due to some nice snowfall that we got over the past weekend it was not looking good. As we scouted up on the Cardiff ridge there was no way we could get a substantial amount of shooting. We then checked out Big Cottonwood Canyon and it seemed that it may work, but not sure about up high. Well we decided to roll the dice and head up to Lake Blanche and based on some photos from the top of Superior it appeared that we may be in luck.

lake_blancheWe headed out early on the morning of November 5th to catch the sunrise up on top. We loaded up camera gear, food, and the essentials for a day up at the lake and then took on the 3 mile hike with a 2700 ft vertical climb. We then spent the entire day up top filming in what turned out to be an awesome location! There was a skiff of snow and most of the trails up there were clear. Really excited about what we got.

Day 2 was spent shooting on other trails throughout the canyon. Nick was perfect talent for the shoot and we all had a great time. It is such a pleasure to work with great athletes and a wonderful brand!

*Update* Here is the final video.


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