With the super bowl just days away the war for media exposure is on. It used to be that you would sit down to watch “the big game” and then you would be excited for all of the commercials. They would then talk about them on the news and talk shows, but now it’s a whole new game. Now brands release sneek peeks to YouTube and other social channels to gauge audience participation, build hype and extend the conversation. They also leverage social during the game and surrounding the game.?

A couple of years ago was the great power outage and a few brands blew up social! They took advantage of the listening audience. You have to be nimble in marketing. This year we see how social is influencing the ads again. Puppies and kittens have been all the social rage. They get shares, engagement and people just love them. So GoDaddy and Budweiser decided to leverage that social trend and build their ads around it. According to USA today GoDaddy has pulled their puppy ad and will not be showing it, but Bud has found a successful usage of the canine.?

A lesson in the power of social media influence in how our society views pop culture and brands nowadays. Also, how we as brands should cater our marketing around trends and our audiences.?