This year I set out to accomplish some great goals. I wanted to complete a 50k as well as bag 25 peaks over 10,000 feet in elevation. Well, I accomplished the first with completing the Buffalo Run 50k on Antelope Island back in March. You can read my recap here. As for my second and more serious goal, I fell short by a few peaks but had a solid year peak bagging. Here is what I accomplished over the year.


Mt Raymond (10,241) 1/5/2013 w Travis Atwood
Gobblers Knob (10,246) 1/5/2013 w Travis Atwood
Grandeur Peak (8,299) 1/10/2013 solo in snow

Mt. Olympus (9,026) 2/2/2013 w Matt, Aaron, Craig, Matt vH, Francesco
Patsy Marley (10,525) 2/24/2013 snowshoe most of the way up with my wife, solo to the summit

Devil’s Castle (10,920) 6/6/2013 ascent up the apron and central chute couloirs with Craig. First ice ax / crampon ascent ever
Brighton Ridge Run 6/29/2013 solo go

  • Pioneer Peak (10,450)
  • Sunset Peak (10,648)
  • Point Supreme (10,595)
  • Tuscarora (10,617)
  • Mt. Wolverine (10,795)
  • Mt. Millicent (10,452)

Timpanogos (11,749) 7/3/2013
Dromedary Peak (11,107) 7/5/2013 decent ascent through Lake Blanche basin. First attempted the north slabs and then rerouted around the east to the appropriate trail. Then on the descent was stuck in a lightning storm coming down through Broad’s Fork in the dark. That got a bit scary.
Lone Peak (11,253) 7/12/2013 w 4 of the Varsity and Venture young men
Mt Baldy (11,068) 7/27/2013 w my wife. Came up the north face to watch the lead runners during Speedgoat 50k
Hidden Peak (10,992) 7/27/2013 w my wife. Descent from Mt Baldy and back to the base of Snowbird (via foot not tram).

Almost Kings 8/6/2013 w Jamen made it between Anderson Pass and the Summit, but bailed due to lightning on the summit.
Mount Superior (11,132) 8/30/2013 w Craig – climb up the south ridge, one of the most epic climbs in the Wasatch
Monte Cristo (11,040) 8/30/2013 w Craig – over from Superior. Total up time 2:13

Sugarloaf Mountain, CA (9,950) 9/21/13 solo

Box Elder Peak (11,101) 10/2/13 solo

Pfeifferhorn (11,326) 11/ w Kendall Wimmer