What I’m Doing Now

Last updated 12 March, 2019

I wanted to provide a page on my website to let you know what I am up to. I hope that this can be informative, helpful and maybe a little inspirational. If not to readers, at least to myself.

Current Status

I am currently living in Lehi, UT at the foot of the Wasatch Mountains. My beautiful wife and I are having a great time raising our 4 beautiful children. We love adventure and planning the next great journey for our family. We love to get our children out to see the world and the great outdoors. Over the past 7 years we have visited 37 different states, 20 National Parks, and over 25 National Monuments and Historical Sites.

Adventures I am Planning / Training For

We recently acquired a Sprinter that has been revamped to seat and sleep our family of six for some extended road trips. We have been on several trips over the past 18 months to break it in. It is a little tight at times, but we make it work and it keeps us mobile. This has created some excellent memories for our family and we anticipate many more. We are in the process of planning a summer road trip to the Northeastern states. Over the past years I have taken too much of a break from running. This year I have added some running with a lot of hiking and getting outdoors. I want to do a lot more backpacking this summer and fall as well.

Books I am Currently Reading

I have finished ten different books already for 2019. Going back to school and being a part of book clubs have helped to keep up the cadence.

The Book of Mormon ? always reading this great work of scripture of ancient prophets. In my opinion, the greatest book on earth. I am currently reading it with a focus on better understanding the grace of Jesus Christ and how it is applied to my life and progress.

Leadership in Turbulent Times ? Doris Kearns Goodwin ? As we face ever increasing challenges in the world there is a need for good leaders. Goodwin revisits four biographical presidents that she has written about in the past to bring their growth and experience to a modern day understanding of how they dealt with the turbulent challenges that faced them in their respective presidencies. Reading this for a book club.

Desert Solitaire ? Edward Abbey ? Began reading this for my Environmental Ethics class but have opted to complete it on my own. The stories, experiences, and polemic ideas of Abbey are very polarizing and just as important to consider today as they were over fifty years ago when he wrote this work.

Walden; or, Life in the Woods ? Henry David Thoreau ? Since I have never read this it is time to visit one of the outdoor classics. Seeing how he communed with the land, the small community, and his isolation will be an interesting philosophical look. I have no desire to retire alone to a small cabin in the woods, but I would like to live a more simple life.

Books I Have Recently Finished

Desert Cabal ? Amy Irvine ??A rebuttal and response to Desert Solitaire on the fiftieth anniversary of Abbey?s classic. Irvine points out some nuances and concerns with Abbey?s book and how many have responded to it and approaches current environmental and political issues that are facing National Parks and the environment as a whole. She argues for a Cabal instead of seeking for Solitaire as a way to approach the wild outdoors and recreation and conservation.

Educated: A Memoir ? Tara Westover ??WOW! This tale is insane! To see her rise up and accomplish so much in her personal education was remarkable. As can be seen through Westover?s recount there is an interesting balance of freedom of exploration that she got to go through in education. It is interesting to see how much her lack of education early on played a key in her ah ha moments of learning later on. She didn?t have education burn out. There is an interesting balance that we need to explore in education and freedom. Her?s was too hands off and the education that she did receive was very negative so when she experienced a shift in paradigm it took a deep resolve to recognize these new ways of knowing history and the world as something that was okay. Her story is one that is interesting on so many fronts, educational philosophy, religious fanaticism, mental disorder, the suffering and trauma of individuals in such situations of abuse (both verbal and physical). I was appalled so often throughout the book.

Nausea ??Jean-Paul Sartre ??A deep literary view of existentialism. Who are we and how do we approach our existence from the past to the present to the future. Going through this tale gives us the glimpse of the character that Sartre creates and how he deals with these thoughts in his life that could be perceived as meaningless and pointless from one vantage point as well as adventurous and carefree from another. How we approach and perceive the world is so dependent on how our consciousness is perceived and understood.

Notwithstanding My Weakness ? Neal A. Maxwell ? As mortal man we are born with the weakness of the flesh. Elder Maxwell discusses principles and traits for each of us to develop to overcome the natural and carnal man. A great read on patience and personal development.

Projects I am Working On

Professional ? I am currently working as an independent brand consultant. I have taken on several projects with a variety of young brands to help them grow. I am passionate about entrepreneurship and business. It is engaging and fun to help a brand connect, find their voice, and succeed. It is one thing to develop a product, but it is very different to build that product into a lifestyle brand that people are passionate about and want to talk about. I have also engaged in the effort to become an outdoor photographer professionally. Check out my Instagram for some of my latest works.

Personal ? This semester is my final semester for my Bachelors Degree. I will graduate with a degree in Philosophy with a minor in History. I am continually working on becoming a better writer and maintaining my blog better.

Physical ? Been skiing a bit this winter as well as taking advantage of the wildlife that have come down from the mountains to capture images of wildlife that is less often seen. A little bit of running gets thrown in as well.

Spiritual ? I am focusing my study on grace and learning how I can better grow grace to grace. I have had a lot of time to learn about tolerance and understanding of other cultures, religious beliefs, races, and people in general. I want to be more like the Savior in reaching out and loving person to person as we are all part of a greater whole of humanity.

My Current Priorities

  • Date my wife more frequently to continually keep the fire lit
  • Support my children by being at most of their activities
  • Become a Professional Photographer
  • Complete my college degree
  • Grow?young brands
  • Get back in shape (getting outside at least 3x / week)
  • Read 25 or more books by year?s end
  • Meditate daily (slowly getting better at this)
  • Embrace life and enjoy it

A Recent Purchase I am Really Enjoying

Adobe Lightroom ? In getting into photography it has been a great advantage to learn Lightroom and work on improving my post editing capabilities. The small monthly membership has become something that has been valuable to me recently.

This page was inspired by Derek Sivers? Now Page Movement

Last updated 12 March, 2019