What I’m Doing Now

I wanted to provide a page on my website to let you know what I am up to. I hope that this can be informative, helpful and maybe a little inspirational. If not to readers, at least to myself.

Current Status

I am currently living in Lehi, UT at the foot of the Wasatch Mountains. My beautiful wife and I are having a great time raising our 4 beautiful children. We love adventure and planning the next great journey for our family. We love to get our children out to see the world and the great outdoors. Over the past 5 years we have visited 25 different states, 13 National Parks, and over 25 National Monuments.

Adventures I am Planning / Training For

We recently acquired a Sprinter that has been revamped to seat and sleep our family of six for some extended road trips. We are in the process of planning a summer road trip to the Southern states. Overnight the past yes I have taken too much of a break from running that I need to find something that gets me excited to get out and get serious again.

Books I am Currently Reading

I have sort of fallen off of my goal to read a book a month this year. I have joined a book club to help facilitate that.

Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind – Yuval Noah Harari – A very interesting read that has caused me a lot of introspection. It has given me an even more enlightened view of the history of religion and the need for continual revelation. I am working on posting an article about truth that gives some thoughts that I have pondered from the reading of this work. Not a scholarly work, but certainly one that made me think deep. There are some great insights and views. I learned much about history of peoples and other beliefs while reading thus far.

The Book of Mormon – always reading this great work of scripture of ancient prophets. In my opinion, the greatest book on earth. With my responsibility as a Sunday School teacher, it has

Grit – The Power of Passion and Perseverance – Angela Duckworth –  I need more grit in my life. As I look at what I am doing and what I am passionate about, I see that there are areas that I need to improve on. The tips and research that Angela has done is extremely insightful.

Notwithstanding My Weakness – Neal A. Maxwell – As mortal man we are born with the weakness of the flesh. Elder Maxwell discusses principles and traits for each of us to develop to overcome the natural and carnal man. A great read on patience and personal development.

Books I Have Recently Finished

How Will You Measure Your Life – Clayton M. Christensen – One of the best non-religious books that I have read in a long time. I enjoyed how Clayton compared our lives to the business principles. We all need to look at how we approach each and every day, the relationships that we make, the priorities that we have, and the effort that we put in to the tasks that we take on. I enjoyed the corollaries that he made. A book worth the time to read if you are looking to improve your personal, family, and business life.

Man’s Search For Meaning – Viktor E. Frankl The experience of a holicaust survivor and how he found meaning of life to give him the will to overcome.

Jesus, My Father, The CIA, and Me – Ian Morgan Cron – Ian shares his memoirs of growing up a Catholic in the 60s and 70s with a father who was a drunk, former CIA member and in and out of careers. He shares his experiences going through these things and seeking out God in the process. A great way for each of us to reflect on growing up through our formative years. An excellent story of overcoming failure, alcoholism and lacking self-sateen to rise up like a Phoenix from the ashes.

Projects I am Working On

Professional – I am currently working as an independent brand consultant. I have taken on several projects with a variety of young brands to help them grow. I am passionate about entrepreneurship and business. It is engaging and fun to help a brand connect, find their voice, and succeed. It is one thing to develop a product, but it is very different to build that product into a lifestyle brand that people are passionate about and want to talk about.

Personal – Working on becoming a better writer and maintaining my blog better. Also, continuing in school this summer to finish a degree in Philosophy with a minor in History.

Physical – Need to get back after this one. It’s been a physically lazy year unfortunately.

Spiritual – I am focusing my study on humility and showing forth meekness as the Savior has. Currently pondering how to increase my faith, hope and charity. Been a lot of fun diving more into the Book of Mormon as I have recently been called as Gospel Doctrine teacher at church.

My Current Priorities

  • Grow young brands
  • Get back in shape (getting outside at least 3x / week)
  • Get back on track to read a book a month (on my 3rd book for the year)
  • Support my children by being at most of their activities
  • Meditate daily (slowly getting better at this)
  • Embrace life and enjoy it

A Recent Purchase I am Really Enjoying

Subaru Crosstrek – A big purchase, but the first car that we have purchased in years and the first new car that I have had since my oldest was born (13 years ago). I have now had it for 6 months and I love the versatility. I love something that gets me into the mountains without being too worried and that can perform well in the snow and other off conditions.

This page was inspired by Derek Sivers’ Now Page Movement

Last updated 21 August, 2016

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