What I’m Doing Now

Last updated 16 February, 2024

I wanted to provide a page on my website to let you know what I am up to. I hope this can be informative, helpful, and maybe a little inspirational. If not to readers, at least to myself.

Current Status

I am currently living in Lehi, UT at the foot of the Wasatch Mountains. My beautiful wife and I are having a great time raising our 4 beautiful children. We love adventure and planning the next great journey for our family. We love to get our children out to see the world and the great outdoors. A couple of years ago we reached a key goal as a family and visited our 50th state on a trip to Alaska. Over the past decade, we have visited all 50 states, 25+ National Parks, and over 35 National Monuments and Historical Sites. We have also been to two different countries and look to increase that over the next few years.

Adventures I am Planning / Training For

With the accomplishment of visiting all 50 states in the rearview, we have been looking for some other big travel goals. For now, we are planning a lot of homegrown adventures as we look to increase our time outdoors. We are going to spend more time backpacking, skiing, fishing, and getting around locally as much as we possibly can.

Books I am Currently Reading

I have finished four different books already for 2024. Setting some big reading goals has really helped; thank you, Goodreads.

The Book of Mormon – Always reading this great work of scripture of ancient prophets. In my opinion, the greatest book on earth. I am currently reading it for this years Come Follow Me study but also to better see the Lord’s tender mercies in the lives of others so that I can be more aware when they occur in my life.

To Heal a Fractured World; Rabbi Jonathan Sacks – I have really enjoyed reading Rabbi Sacks. He takes a great view of religion and how it affects us in interpersonal relationships and how it can be a tool to overcome much of the evil in the world. Yes, we have very different beliefs, but that does not need to divide us. We can use the key beliefs of our faiths to help bring us together and find common ground. This book helps build on how we accomplish that and destroy hate.

Remember, Remember; Robert Millet – A great read about the key teachings of the Book of Mormon. Brother Millet gives us a look from his 50 years of experience teaching the Book of Mormon to how it can impact our beliefs and daily faith.

Books I Have Recently Finished

The Art of Happiness at Work; Dalai Lama – Work is often a challenge. There is so much to navigate.

Notwithstanding My Weakness ? Neal A. Maxwell ? As mortal man we are born with the weakness of the flesh. Elder Maxwell discusses principles and traits for each of us to develop to overcome the natural and carnal man. A great read on patience and personal development.

Projects I am Working On

Professional – Building an agency with three great partners. Fusion Retail Group is motivated to help brands grow by providing a different approach to agencies. We each have brand experience and are bringing that to help brands with their sales and marketing. We are motivated to help a few key brands with big visions grow online and in mass retail. I have also engaged in the effort to become a professional outdoor photographer. Check out my Instagram for some of my latest works.

Personal – Working on writing a book. I am also working on reading more this year. The last few years have been great as I have done a lot of reading.

Physical – I have been skiing a bit this winter. Trying to cook more at home. Started a fitness routine in my basement workout room. A little bit of running gets thrown in as well.

Spiritual – I am focusing my study on Christ’s tender mercies and learning how I can grow from seeing it more. I have had a lot of time to learn about tolerance and understanding of other cultures, religious beliefs, races, and people in general. I want to be more like the Savior in reaching out and loving person to person as we are all part of a greater whole of humanity.

My Current Priorities

  • Date my wife more frequently to continually keep the fire lit
  • Support my children by being at most of their activities
  • Enjoying more outdoors time with my children
  • Become a Professional Photographer
  • Grow our agency
  • Get back in shape (getting outside at least 3x / week and workout 5x)
  • Read 62 or more books by year’s end
  • Have a regular morning routine
  • Embrace life and enjoy it
  • Bring the joy in all that I do

A Recent Purchase I am Really Enjoying

Adobe Lightroom – In getting into photography it has been a great advantage to learn Lightroom and work on improving my post editing capabilities. The small monthly membership has become something that has been valuable to me recently.

This page was inspired by Derek Sivers, Now Page Movement

Last updated 16 February, 2024