North Dakota and Theodore Roosevelt National Park

Jun 18, 2019 | Adventures, National Parks | 0 comments

For most Americans, North Dakota is likely the most difficult of all states to visit. This has been true for our family for sure. It is not near any major cities or airports, there are no major connecting interstates to give one reason to drive through it, and it just seems like such an off the beaten path outpost to plan a trip to. Well, we didn’t save it for last of our fifty state tour, but instead made a week of it trekking up and back. We sure are glad that we did. We drove a loop up through Eastern Wyoming and Devils Tower National Monument up to Theodore Roosevelt National Park and then out through Montana and into Yellowstone and Grand Teton.

While reading The Hour of Land I acquired an interest in heading up north to Theodore Roosevelt National Park. We were pleasantly surprised with the sprawling landscapes, diverse wildlife, and saturated colors in the northern badlands. Since we have such a wet winter and spring it made the landscape up there really pop. The greenness of the landscape was marvelous. We already want to go back and see more. If you haven’t been to North Dakota and TRNP then start planning your trip. Yes, you can “save the best for last”, as they say, or just make an effort to get there as soon as possible. We sure enjoyed it. We stayed in the south park at the campground there and got to experience bison walking through our camp in the evening.


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Bison in Prairie Dog Town

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Little Missouri

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Badlands Overlook

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Bison on Ridge @ Sunset

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Bison and Wild Horses

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Bison in Sun

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Bison Sunset

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Wild Horses

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