North Dakota and Theodore Roosevelt National Park

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There are not a lot of draws to get people up to the northern plains. It seems that many people who have been to all 50 states had kept North Dakota for last. We even have a family friend that has been to 49 of the US states and his last remaining one in North Dakota. If I had visited this place in the winter, I could probably relate to that, but I am bullish on North Dakota so far.

When we made our first long road trip, we came home through Wisconsin, Minnesota, South Dakota, and Wyoming. We had visited Montana on a separate trip to see Glacier National Park. With these two trips, we left an island around North Dakota. Well, this summer, we had some time early in the break to get out on a medium-length road trip. Since we would be visiting the New England area and would get to Michigan later this summer, it left the option to head up to North Dakota. After doing some research, we decided that Theodore Roosevelt National Park, named after our beloved president who was a lover of the National Parks, as the top place to visit.

This trip was well worth it. On our way up, we made a pit stop at Devil’s Tower National Monument (fantastic!) and then headed up through South Dakota to get to the overlook of Theodore Roosevelt National Park.

In the park, we saw beautiful sprawling green grass bluffs, vast canyons carved by the Missouri River, bison, prairie dogs, wild horses, and astonishing sunsets. We recommend this trip to anyone. We found late spring as a perfect time to visit.

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