Well running has become my life! I got my first taste of Ultra this weekend. I was able to pace Brian Beckstead for 8 miles of the race as well as see him at a few stops throughout. Working with Brian and Golden and building Altra I certainly have had some experience with Ultra’s, but actually on the scene this was my first.

I first saw Brian coming off of Big Mountain down to the aid station at mile 39. He was looking great! It was fun to witness many runners come through with their various methodologies, attitudes, and excitement towards the race. The aid station was a neat experience to see. Next, we met him at the Lamb’s Canyon turnoff where I would take over pacing him until Millcreek’s Dog Lake Trailhead. This stretch went from mile 53 to mile 61 and Brian states that it was his hardest stretch.

Climbing the road up Lamb’s Canyon to the turnoff was much longer than we thought and it was a gradual constant uphill as well. There were a couple of times we wondered if we had passed the turnoff. Well, we never passed it and were able to find it.