I Am Officially a Senior!

Aug 19, 2018Education, Philosophy, Productivity0 comments

Well, I am not yet getting senior discounts at the local buffet, but I am beginning my final year of college (as long as everything works out schedule wise). Last year I decided to return to school after a thirteen year hiatus. During my first go around I bounced around a lot after earning my Associates Degree, but this time I went into it knowing exactly what I wanted to study.

Many would have presumed that I would have engaged in a study of business, marketing or entrepreneurship, but I opted for none of those. I decided that if I were going to go back to school then I wanted to broaden my perspectives and increase my ability to learn. I worried that a study of those other things would just be refreshing up on what I had gone through the previous eight years. To help me to be more engaged in school I opted to pursue a major in Philosophy and a minor in History. I don’t regret it!

Often, when people hear that I am going back to school they ask me why? They state that I don’t need a degree and I have nothing to prove. I still cannot fully answer the question of why, but I have felt this yearning to return to school for a while. I am unsure as to whether this time spent in school will ever reward me monetarily or if it is just time spent without a steady income. Yes, we have the means to get me through school. My wife has been a saint in working full time to help me to pursue this.

Over the course of the past year I have had some wonderful experiences at school. I have learned a lot. Most of all, and what I would consider the most valuable, is that I have become more understanding of others. I have been able to broaden my knowledge base and understanding of philosophy, history, culture, race, and religion to better my ability to see others with a different perspective. This has been great for me.

With only a year left I am working on the plan of what to do post graduation. At 37 I still am very unsure as to what I want to be when I grow up. I had a great run co-founding Altra and overseeing the branding and marketing for several years before making a calculated exit. Recognizing that it was time to move on I pursued a couple of projects that did not pan out and felt that a return to school was the appropriate move for me and my family.

After finally graduating with my Bachelors Degree I will have some choices to make. I may continue my education or maybe go into teaching or pursue another job in my current field of marketing and strategy. Life deals us many different decisions as we navigate this journey. By expanding my understanding and my passion for learning and self-education I look forward to the greater things that I will be able to accomplish. Just one more year!

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