One of the great things that we could do with her children is to get them into the outdoors. Our children really love to be outside, and it is great for us as parents to take them there. If we allow them to be cooped up inside with devices all of the time they will not experience the great things that nature has to provide for them. Each of us are responsible for educating our children are the great creations that our God is given us here in this world.

I love taking my children hiking, backpacking, fishing, rock climbing and many other outdoor activities. We have explored many of the national parks together. We have enjoyed many Great Lakes trails and the rocks and hills and mountains. We have created many memories together. I encourage all parents to take their children to the outdoors. They will experience things that they never can get through pictures and video games and television. These memories will last through their entire lifetime.

As my children join us in our activities and adventures they gain a greater appreciation for the environment. They love keeping the trail clean and are often the first to spot litter and clean it up. They find a love for the wildlife and admire, respectfully, their rituals and habitat. There are times that complaints are made to hike, but once into it they love the exploration and new destinations.

How do you keep your children involved? How do you balance your more epic adventures while helping to give them theirs?