So I went for a 5 mile run up rose canyon and back. At first it was boring ole dirt road so I decided to take a side trail that seems to have turned out to be a game trail.

I lost it a number of times as you can see here between these two pics.

This picture shows the worthwhile views there was after climbing at least 800 feet straight up the side of a sagebrush filled hill. What a joy, but well worth it. (The view was virtually like this 360* around).

Then coming off of it I found a single track trail that took me up into a wooded forest for about a half a mile. That was a blast and the colors were very vibrant as you can see below.

All the way back down to the bottom it was single track trail and was a blast (until I almost got plastered onto the front of some mtn bikers handle bars – at least I heard him coming). It is so beautiful up in these Utah mountains this time of the year. I just hope that it doesn’t get killed too early with this cold weather we have been having.