Well the guys at that big global power we know as Facebook are at it again. They have announced further changes to business pages. This time I don’t have to go in and redesign my landing page, just get to have some new and awesome features available at my disposal!

Pictures Atop the Pages

Facebook has now added the images feature on business pages that they had on personal profiles. Here you can click an X to eliminate a picture from the screen. Your most recent pictures will show up random images, with a preference given to the most recent images.

You can now comment and “like” as yourself

This is personally my favorite new feature. Facebook had always had it that the admins commented as the page, and recently made a change to where when you as the admin “liked” a comment it showed up as the page instead of yourself. Well, they have now made it so you can check a box in the settings to turn that off and now you can comment and “like” as yourself on the page you are admin on. LOVE THIS!! I can now make my Facebook pages much more personal as well as business discussion! Do beware that when you have this turned off and are not in page mode then you will not get to post updates as the page and they will not show up in your fans’ news stream.

Popular Posts

Facebook now has made your wall relative to not just most recent posts/comments, but to most popular as well. Do be aware this may affect placement of your fans’ comments so you will want to monitor this.

Post as Your Page

You can now post updates, comments, “likes” etc throughout facebook as your page. So you have control to comment on friends, like their status, surf through Facebook as your business page. Just click the new button to the right.

There are some great new features here with this Facebook update. I would check em out, take the tour, and consider switching over. Everyone will be converted in March now anyways. Happy Social Networking!