Devil’s Tower National Monument – A Well Kept Secret

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If you are a hardcore rock climber, especially multi-pitch, then you likely know about Devil’s Tower. However, it does not seem like most people are aware of this hidden gem of a National Monument in Eastern Wyoming. Devil’s Tower National Monument is indeed a well-kept secret of the west. This is home to bison, deer, elk, lots of birds, horses, and a plethora of prairie dogs.

We made this a mandatory stop on our way up to North Dakota this summer. We wanted to get out and see something different from Yellowstone or other western treasures by visiting something we glanced at on the map. Devil’s Tower was the first National Monument in the United States. It could easily be a National Park, but, thankfully, it is not because it would not be as much of a secret (even though I may be spoiling the surprise here as well).

Driving up at sunset was a sight to behold. The colors of the sky mixed with the giant tower climbing out of the grasslands was phenomenal. We soaked in those views, stayed the night, and hiked around the tower the next day. And, of course, we enjoyed a lot of prairie dog time before heading out along our journey.

Make this a travel list item for sure.

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