After starting this journey now known as Altra Footwear back in the summer of 2009 we had an array of dreams, hopes, and desires. We have now culminated all of that to a legitimate, funded company. While discussing this in Golden’s house on his birthday we had our ideas of what we would accomplish, what we would bring to the market and how we would do it. We had no real direction as to exactly how it would happen, just that we would figure out how to make it happen. We had a vision of a product and we went out and made it happen.

The great pursuit has now brought us to this point now today. Over the past 9 months we have been in conversations with Icon Health & Fitness, the owners of NordicTrack, about a purchase agreement of our company. Well after a very up and down 9 months we signed paperwork today and they will finalize it tomorrow! The deal brings about the backing of a very large fitness and wellness corporation that is used to marketing and bringing products to big box retailers. We now give them a niche into the small, specialty retailer as well as a unique shoe concept that can be marketing into the next style of running shoes. We are really excited about this opportunity and look forward to making a lot of shoes for many years to come!!