Today I ran the Brighton Ridge run and completed it with an amazing time. It was great to get up and circumvent around all of those peaks in one go. A lot to see and amazing terrain to spend the day on.

This traverse starts at the base of Brighton Ski Resort. There are various versions of this run. The three that I am aware of are just varied in where they start, but all seem to include Sunset Peak, Tuscarora, Wolverine and Milicent. The various starting points can be as extreme as starting to the far north and grabbing Clayton Peak first, or starting south of Clayton up the Great Western lift to an unnamed peak or starting up Catherine’s Pass to get Sunset first.

I did a condensed version without Clayton Peak. I started somewhere between the last two of the the three listed above. When I go back up I will start by heading up the north side of Clayton Peak and then traversing over. The scenery and epic sites of this run are one to remember and experience over and over again. It includes forest, lakes, streams, rocky peaks and traverses, people and isolation all in the same run.

I started the traverse by heading up passed lake Mary on to Martha with a brief stop to admire a moose hanging out in the shallows of the lake.

moose at lake Martha

After lake Martha I turned south into a meadow and up a nice scree chute. At the top of the chute there really wasn’t a trail so I ended up going up some fourth class scrambling to make it the rest of the way up the ridgeline. It got fairly exposed at times. The picture below does not quite do it full justice.scramble up brighton ridgeOnce upon the ridge I ran a little ways to the Northeast to tag Pioneer Peak.