As We Age

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Age is an interesting thing. We hit these milestones based on a crafted calendar that is based on the lunar and solar processes. As the sun makes its full progression from our birth we count that as another year older. With age we are told that more wisdom comes. I am not sure how accurate this is. Each year I feel like there is more that I do not know. This is sometimes referred to as the sphere of ignorance.

I am grateful for the things that I do, but more grateful for the things that I do not know. By not knowing, especially when I realize it, I am able to seek further light and knowledge. I am willing to give myself into deeper study and contemplation.

Over the course of the past few years I have been honored with the opportunity to go back to school. I think that we should all go back to learning in our middle years. We bring life experience, but we also become open to more diversity and education. This latter education should be in the humanities or arts. Coming from a degree in philosophy I have pursued more in diversity, religiosity, leadership, education, and politics. With as far off from the mark I am I am grateful for the hope that things, especially myself, can get better.

This year as I age up and have completed my fortieth year I look forward to what the next forty will bring. There is a lot to learn and more to accomplish. I am not about to slow down. I think things will only speed up. I expect to read more in the coming year than I have in the previous one. I expect to serve more. I expect to lead more. I expect to learn more. I expect to discover more that I do not know. I expect life to only continue to get better.

The decade of my thirties was life changing. I helped launch two successful companies, traveled to 48 states, visited 8 different countries, watched my children grow and develop into young adults, grown closer to my wife, and improved my relationship with my Father in Heaven and His Son, Jesus Christ. This has been a great decade. Now onto another one!

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