All Are Invited

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While reading the Sermon at the Temple in 3 Nephi, I noticed a key difference from the Sermon on the Mount as recorded in Matthew. The Nephite account uses the word all in several of the Saviors be attitudes. A seemingly small difference stood out as profound to me. The incorporation of all has an inclusive power to it. It is a testament to the universality of the gospel of Jesus Christ. He is indeed no respecter of persons.

The world wants us to feel like we are part of something exclusive or entitled based on birthright. If there was ever anyone in history that had a birthright entitlement but was strictly forbidden from it and yet had all power to take it any way it was Jesus Christ. He was of the direct lineage of King David. The Jewish throne was rightfully His. He, however, was born in a Manger, not a palace. Even though as the Son of God, He could have taken the” throne that was His he chose to remain in His life of want.

Jesus not only showed us how to forego all worldly lusts He also showed us how to care for those who were cast out and downtrodden.

We have been adjusted to believing that our only rewards come from our mortal fame. This is far from the truth. The greatest rewards are reserved for those who make and keep sacred covenants and become perfect in Christ. His is a power that perfects all who come unto Him and are willing to grow grace to grace. These are the greatest of our rewards.

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