A Quick Trip to Moab and Two National Parks

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Over the past few years, I have been enjoying the desert much more. I am a big fan of alpine rivers and high peaks. But at this time of year, those are not accessible in the Northern Hemisphere without skis. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy skiing, but sometimes the cold gets to me.

This weekend I needed something more, something different. I needed something to get me out of the funk that I have been experiencing the past couple of weeks. I wanted to take the family and go to Moab Saturday, but we had too many other things, and our children did not want to go. Sometimes they get a little too much outdoors and like time at home without anything else to do. The desire for an adventure continued to work on me. Finally, yesterday evening I decided to go down to Arches National Park after dinner. An escape to dryer areas on a day off would be welcomed.

I ended up leaving around 9 pm Sunday. I arrived in Moab just after midnight. After taking some starry night photos, I found a place to park the car and slept in the back. I got to sleep around 1:30 am with my eyes set on an early morning to catch the golden hour and sunrise in Arches National Park at the Delicate Arch.

I got up just after 5 am. I drove to the trailhead of Delicate Arch and loaded up my stuff and hiked in for the sunrise. I took photos from several different angles. It was nice to clear the mind and hike/drive around with my camera in my hands.

While wandering around wild places, I feel connected. I experience the presence of my God and the connectedness that I have to things that are greater than me. I am able to stretch beyond my current existence and reach out and touch something more. I am both present in the moment and transcended to eternity. It is both solitary as well as united with a greater whole. I am truly alive.

By getting away from the busy distractions of the world, I can think more clearly and explore what I am. I start to see why so many have escaped to the wilderness to find their promised land and eternal meaning. It was in the wilderness that Abraham was shown the multitudes by virtue of the many stars of the sky. It was on top of a mountain that Nephi, Moses, Peter, James, and John were shown the visions of eternity. There is something with being amongst the fabulous creations of our God. The majesty contains within it the keys to belonging and our endless opportunities.

As I walked around the arch, I took the time to reflect and enjoy a variety of desert scenes. It is an awe to me that something so dry can provide such unique forms of life.

In addition to Delicate Arch, I drove around to several other places in Arches. I have been to this park several times but have not explored much of the park beyond Delicate Arch. I walked around several of the other areas in the park.

After my time in Arches, I had lunch along the Colorado River. I hung out and took a brief hammock nap. I then finished the day in Canyonlands with some beautiful scenery and sunset shots. Not a lot of time to explore in Canyonlands, but I did get to hike into a few beautiful viewpoints. Looking down into the valleys off of the Island in the Sky is a unique experience. I then drove home and arrived at about 10:30 pm.

I love the outdoors. I am grateful for the opportunity to escape for a quick day trip. Sometimes I forget how many beautiful places are so close to where I live. It is easy to take a day trip out to some of these more remote areas.

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