A Broken Bow

Jun 15, 2015Family, Religion0 comments

Amidst?this great journey in the wilderness known as mortality we each must face our growing moments and moments of trial. This past week was one such blow to our family. Everyone’s health is okay and yes, there are many more that have to deal with much bigger trials than we have. I have learned a lot from this past week and hope to learn more in the coming years about what the Lord would have us learn or give in this experience.

We received a brief text Wednesday morning from our landlord stating that we need to be out of our home by the end of July. That brought about two big issues for us. First, we have had no anticipation to leave our lovely neighborhood and amazing neighbors for at least another year. Second, we are supposed to journey our way back east for the first 3 weeks of July. This puts us on a tight timeline.

In family scripture study we are reading the experience of Nephi and his family traveling along their journey near the Red Sea. While hunting Nephi met a trying fate as his bow broke and his brothers’ bows had lost their spring. There was now a great discouragement and fear that came across the camp as they foresaw no way to get food. Even Lehi had murmured against the Lord. We are all tempted to curse the situation and throw our hands up in frustration and dwell on the why, but as Elder Jeffrey R. Holland once taught it is destructive to focus on why. Nephi could have easily given up like his brothers and even father, but instead he took this as an opportunity to lead. He got up and went to work.

And it came to pass that he did inquire of the Lord (1 Nephi 16:24)

Nephi crafted a bow and an arrow and then humbly went to his father (who was the prophet and patriarchal leader) to seek guidance to find beasts to hunt. His father repented and daughter guidance from the Lord. Each of us have the light of Christ and can find direction through prayer to the Almighty God. He is no respector of persons. God loves each and every one of us. As we turn to him and repent of our sins he will give us the strength and understanding of what we must do to overcome the trials before us.

Through our faith and diligence will God make his will k own into us. Nephi had faith and put forth the effort. Thus he was directed to a high mountain where he was able to slay beasts and properly provide for his kin. The Lord will strengthen us through all of our trials. As our family sticks together, prays in faith and works diligently we will be able to find a place to live, stay connected with our current friends and do it in a timeline that affords us the opportunity to still go on the vacation that we were planning.

“For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light.” Jesus (Matt 11:30)

Life is full of challenges, but we have the power to overcome them as we yoke ourselves to Jesus Christ. For His burden is light.


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