So the Altra team took Curt Munson and Grant Robison out on an elevation run starting at 5200 feet this week. They are from Lansing, MI and used to -50 feet. So needless to say this was a bit of a change for them. We took off up the trail by the water towers in Orem and ran in the shadow of Mt. Timpanogos. We started the run about 7:30pm (which also was 9:30pm for these guys). We ran up the Stairway trail and turned off towards the hall of oaks/rock pile trail. At the rock pile we turned off towards trail 51 and the ridgeline. We came along trail 51 down to dry canyon. By this point is was getting dark. So now we have 2 individuals, from out of state that are used to rolling hills (if that – Grant is a 1500 meter track guy) and elevation no higher than 100 feet above sea level, in the dark. We came down through dry canyon at a pretty good pace and finished the run off with the 1.5-2 mile stretch along Bonneville Shoreline Trail back to the car.

Felt great! There were a few tough uphills to climb towards the beginning and then in the middle. Also in the middle of the run as we went from the rock pile to trail 51 we had a bit of snow that we had to trudge through (thanks to that spring storm the other day). We had a few times we did post hole 4-6 inches for a while. Oh what fun running trails in the spring time 😀 Also, there was one area on the trail where we were going up and completely sliding through mud on the climb.

Overall fantastic run, great opportunity to pick Curt & Grant’s brains. They are the founders of Good Form Running (I will give a review of the clinic they are putting on tomorrow night). They are really interested in what we are doing with Altra Running as we develop and build our shoes. They are great Born to Run and Programmed to Run Advocates. Check them out online, on twitter, facebook, and youtube. Looking forward to the clinic tomorrow night and I will keep you posted.