Six weeks remain until I will be a marathon finisher. This will be my first ever marathon and it is looming closer and closer. There are still things that I need to fit in before the big event happens mid May, but I am getting more and more ready as we continue to count down.

I have a goal to finish it under 4 hours. This I believe is very doable, however my last half marathon, San Diego a few weeks ago, was only a 1:57. I am yet to complete a run longer than 18 miles, and I am probably 20lbs above where I wish that I was for race day. All of this I still have time to improve upon and hope to do so over the next 4 weeks since my last two will be tapering down for race day. I know that I can accomplish this if I have a regimen and disciplined weekly schedule. Also, I need to ramp up my eating healthy.

I have an amazing coach who stands by me and helps me know what workouts I need to do and when. The past couple of weeks I have been battling a sore quad and she has been supportive and informative on what to do and when to push it and when to lay off. It is great. I love my wife!

As I continue to push forward I know that I will continue to push myself and I will find the will to accomplish it. I hope to hit my goal, but even if I do not I will still cross that finish line as a marathoner!