Almost two years ago I started a journey to get fit and lose some unwanted poundage. That was then. Now I am on a journey to be adventurous! My gorgeous wife has put up with me being out of shape and unmotivated for over 6 years. I turned that corner and now am training for my first Marathon and first long distance trail race. I found Zero Drop and worked to start Altra Footwear with Golden and Brian and that has provided me the ability to improve my form and avoid knee pain and running injury that I dealt with for years prior.

It is great to be able to go out and be active with my beautiful bride. She has certainly challenged me. Last year I did two half marathons, one with her, and three Triathlons. It certainly adds a great element to our marriage to be able to do these things together. It is somewhat challenging still with 3 young children that need care when we do these things. Sometimes we resort to the Chariot, but with 3 that can be a certain challenge.

Tonight we were able to leave them with my little brother and head out on a 16 mile canal run. My longest run to date was 14. Hers, well, she has done a few marathons, so not much new to her. She was certainly there to encourage me however. It is great to be out with my wife and do something together that we both love, something I love now and she has loved for years. Hitting 16 came with a few struggles, but for the most part it felt good, and feels even better to have accomplished it!

Hitting 16 to me is an incredible accomplishment! Going beyond that barrier at 15 has a lot to play in mentally and physically. I am grateful for such a supportive wife and a great company that keep me motivated to excel. Zero Drop Shoes and Altra Footwear have given me a running life back.